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derivative citizenship for LPR children of U.S. citizens

If you are a U.S. citizen and have children under the age of eighteen years old living in the United States who are Lawful

Permanent Residents (LPR) living in your legal and physical custody, they may be able to derive U.S. citizenship from you.

If approved by USCIS, your child would receive a Certificate of Citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding derivative citizenship

STEP 1: Determine Whether Your Child(ren) Meet the Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • Parent or adoptive parent who is a U.S. citizen (by birth or naturalization);

  • Child who is under 18 years of age; Child who has LPR status; and

  • Child is in the legal and physical custody of the U.S. citizen parent

STEP 2: Gather the Required Evidence

  • Birth certificate or adoption documents showing the claimed parent-child relationship;

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship for the parent;

  • Proof of LPR status for the child;

  • Proof of entry into the United States for the child;

  • Proof that the child is in the legal and physical custody of the U.S. citizen parent; and

  • Proof of physical presence in the United States for the U.S. citizen parent

STEP 3: Meet an Immigration Attorney to Discuss Your Case

If you think your children meet the eligibility criteria to obtain derivative U.S. citizenship from you, or if you have any other questions, we encourage you to reach out to our office at Powers Immigration Law at (704) 556-1156.

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