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Documents for the Consultation

At Powers Immigration Law, Ms. Powers views an immigration consultation as a two-way exchange of information. She needs basic information from you, so that she can accurately analyze your immigration situation and recommend a course of action.

Law Books

To help Ms. Powers gain a complete understanding of your immigration case, please bring every document that is in any way related to your immigration matter with you to your consultation. Here are some specific examples of the types of immigration documentation that the immigration lawyer would ideally like to examine:

Legal Documents

  • birth certificates

  • death certificates

  • divorce certificates

  • marriage certificates

  • Driver’s licenses or State ID


Immigration Documentation

  • Passports

  • Expired passports

  • I-94, Arrival-Departure Record

  • Green card

  • Travel documents

  • Employment Authorization Document (EAD) cards

  • Letters to/from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) (formerly INS)

  • Receipt Notices

  • Copies of immigration petitions and applications

  • Orders from Immigration Judges

  • Notices of Immigration Court hearings

  • Notice to Appear in Immigration Court (NTA)


Client File

If you have ever worked with another immigration lawyer, try to obtain a copy of your entire, original client file.


Criminal Dispositions

Any criminal charges anywhere in the world could limit your immigration options. Even if your criminal case occurred many years ago, was dismissed or you believe it is not important, Ms. Powers will still need to closely review documentation from your criminal case. For each criminal court appearance, please obtain a court-certified final disposition showing all docket sheets.

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